Research Reports

Media Culture

May 2014

Research Question

What is the cultural significance of The Academy Awards?

Abstract: This research report examines the cultural significance of the Academy Awards, focusing on analysing the most recent ceremony. Using semiotic analysis and primary sources, the research report examines the importance of social media, media coverage of the 86th Academy Awards, as well as popular culture and commercialisation of culture. The research report identifies semiotic tools responsible for the cultural significance of the Academy Awards. This study adds to the field of research a focused analysis of the significance of the Academy Awards in mass popular culture.

Keywords: 86th Academy Awards, Academy Awards, cultural significance, culture studies, masses, popular culture, semiotic analysis


Analysing the use of sensationalism in entertainment news

December 2013

Research question

Using discourse analysis and the Daily Mail’s coverage of Miley Cyrus, discuss how does the tabloid newspaper represent the singer through the use of sensationalism? 

Abstract: The research report looks at the use of sensationalism to represent an individual. Sensationalism is considered to be the main focus and is seen as a tool to make news stories more interesting and attention grabbing through hidden signs and messages. Discourse analysis has been applied as the primary methodology to interpret findings and data. The analysis focuses on the Daily Mail’s coverage of Miley Cyrus and the way she has been represented. The findings are analysed based on articles found on the website of the tabloid newspaper. The research report identifies a range of tools and techniques used by the newspaper to attract their readers and how sensationalism affects the society. This study adds to the field of research a focused study of sensationalism and the power of today’s press to send messages and represent a known personality to audiences.

Keywords: Daily Mail; discourse analysis; language; journalism; manipulation; representation; sensationalism


Representation of ethnic minorities

May 2013

Research Question

Using rhetorical and discourse analysis, and the New York Post’s reporting of the Boston bombings, discuss the representation of ethnic minorities through the use of prejudice and stereotypes?

Abstract: ‘Bag Men’ was a headline of the New York Post published on April 18th, describing two potential suspects behind the Boston bombings. This research report focuses on the representation of ethnic minorities, therefore I have chosen the New York Post to conduct an analysis about the use of prejudice and stereotypes and answer the research question. I have chosen this topic after reading different New York Post articles, which focused on ethnicity, race and colour of potential suspects rather than the tragedy in Boston itself. This report focuses on the use of assumptions by journalists, negative stereotypes to present minorities as potential criminals and how ethical races influenced the New York Post’s articles.

Keywords: Boston bombings, discourse analysis, ethnic minorities, journalism, New York Post, prejudice, representation, rhetorical analysis, stereotypes