Cut-price booze night is axed after backlash

Originally written for The University Paper

A CLUB in Birmingham ditched its bargain booze night after being condemned for promising to sell drinks for less than £1.

Electric, in Hurst Street, faced criticism over plans to sell drinks for 80p at its Twisted Mondays event on February 2.

The night, which coincides with the end of exams, also offered £4 entry.

But despite the backlash, students from Birmingham have come out in support of the club night.

Kristian Baycroft Willmott, a student at Birmingham City University, said: ‘If the council sees nothing wrong with the promotion, then this should not be an issue.’

Fellow BCU student Rhys Williams added: ‘I understand that irresponsible drinking should not be promoted – but people should be able to make their own choices.’ Birmingham City Council, which controls licensing, also stated that the event did not appear to contravene Home Office guidelines.

However, Gisela Stuart, Labour MP for Edgbaston, said the club was promoting ‘utterly irresponsible and heavy drinking on a Monday night’.

She also questioned whether the cheap drinks night would overload A&E departments, adding low prices encouraged quick consumption of large amounts of alcohol.

And Debbie Bannigan, chief executive of alcohol charity Swanswell, said: ‘It is not just about the consumer taking responsibility.

‘It is also up to clubs, pubs, and bars to sell alcohol responsibly and play their part in minimising harm.’

Electric did not respond to The University Paper’s request for comment.

CC BY-SA 4.0 Mickey/Flickr