Sam Claflin

His role in the box office hit and critically acclaimed The Hunger Games franchise put him on the acting map. With his recently released thriller The Riot Club and upcoming romantic comedy Love, Rosie he is not slowing down.

Sam Claflin has been given the opportunity to star in not only critically acclaimed, but also popular films. It is hugely refreshing to see him unaffected by the fame and success. The 28 year old guy from Ipswich.

He tries to live a life, which is not reflecting what happens on the red carpet or his newest film poster. Often surprising for someone regularly in the presence of Hollywood stars.

Others in his age group and the film industry frequently focus on making sure they attend every event possible. ‘It has not felt like my life has changed,’ Claflin about his lifestyle. ‘I just feel very grown-up all of a sudden.”

‘I have responsibilities. I have to take a few risks and there is a lot more pressure on my shoulders now than there was a few years ago’ Not only being one of the most promising young actors, but also regularly in the public eye. ‘I felt I could make a mistake and no one would care, whereas now people are starting to take note.’

The 28-year-old Claflin is most known for his role of Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games franchise, but his appearances and supporting roles in films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Snow White & the Huntsman gained him the credibility to get bigger roles.

“[Few] years ago, the thought of this was just so far away,” says the wide-eyed Claflin, before starting his press appearances to promote newest film Love, Rosie. “Hollywood felt like a distant dream, something so far out of reach, that you did not even think it was possible.”

In Love, Rosie he plays a lead role of Alex – alongside Lily Collins – who wonders if his childhood best friend Rosie could become anything more than just a friend. A role, which according to him reflects a side of him.

“Funnily enough, my publicist had seen Love, Rosie the day after she’d seen The Riot Club, and she said, ‘Never before had I hated you so much one day and then loved you so much the next’,” he adds.

Hollywood felt like a distant dream, something so far out of reach, that you did not even think it is possible

Last month he was promoting The Riot Club, a production completely different from his latest film. His self-centred character, Alistair Ryle, a member of Oxford University’s undergraduate dining society, and their story of trying to find two new members and wanting to be accepted with their difficult personalities. Based on Laura Wade’s acclaimed play Posh.

‘The Riot Club is so far from who I am. I’m not political at all, so to play a character who’s very politically driven was a stretch for me’ Claflin explains. ‘I feel blessed, he can’t understand the difference between earning success and getting because of your heritage.’

Not only Sam’s professional life, but also – and more importantly – his personal life continues to be desirable. He married his wife, Laura Haddock, in July 2013. Haddock is also an actress, known for her roles in The Inbetweeners Movie and How Not to Live Your Life, and more recently in well received by critics, Da Vinci’s Demons.

In Sam’s style, he does not believe married life has majorly affected his life. ‘I don’t think there’s a huge amount that has changed about our life, other than the added responsibility of looking after a puppy.’ Bigger and bigger film productions do however take away from him and his wife lot of free time. ‘It’s always been difficult. I don’t think you can ever get used to the distance. It’s not only my wife and the puppy, it’s England in general,’ he adds. ‘I really struggle, and I miss the lifestyle that I have here. I miss my local pub and waking up in my own bed.’

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A “nice guy” Sam Claflin.

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