Trailer : Nighcrawler

The extraordinary screenplay – as described by Jake Gyllenhaal – gave him the confidence to begin the Nightcrawler journey.

It tells a story of a crime journalist living in Los Angeles, filming crimes and accidents he can later sell to local news stations. The film is violent and follows a motivated sociopath able to sabotage and do anything to make unethical decisions.

The film also sees Dan Gilroy in his directorial debut, but he also wrote the screenplay. Based on the early, raving, reviews he has nothing to worry about.

Nightcrawler is certainly going to be revisited next year when all major award shows announce their nominations. Not only because Gyllenhaal lost weight for this film, but because it truly is a reflecting film. Stands out from all the action films recently released.

The importance of a strong storyline shows a film doesn’t need 3-D features to speak to its audience.

Nightcrawler is out on 31 October

CC BY-SA 4.0 Espinosa Alameda