Girl: Mary Elisabeth Winstead

“YOU DON’T have to play masculine to be a strong woman.” is some sort of a motto for Mary Elisabeth Winstead. Based on her filmography at least.

Although fans of horror films might be more familiar with her recent work, she is certainly one to watch out for. Last year’s Smashed, also featuring Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad, and her acting enabled Winstead to win Best Actress at the Dallas International Film Festival.

In her upcoming film Kill the Messenger she appears as Anna Simons. A true story about Gary Webb, a reporter who becomes the target of a smear campaign, which subsequently drives him to the point of suicide.

“Nothing really bothers me. I can handle things pretty well,” a 29 year old describes her approach to life as a young actress in Hollywood.

She always wanted to be a performed, although as a child she focused on singing and dancing. “Acting seemed like a natural progression from that.”

Kill the Messenger is out on 10 October.