Fandoms: Childhood into Adulthood

Music. Artists. Fans. Fandoms change, develop and finally grow up. Jakub Szweda has talked to old fans of McFly and Busted (now known as McBusted) and their opinions about fandoms.

Both McFly and Busted began their music journey in the early 20th century and their future couldn’t be brighter. The bands released exceptionally successful albums and singles, allowing them to place their music on the maps of British culture.

Popularity gave them the press coverage and public recognition they needed to satisfy their record labels. But with popularity come fans, with fans come fandoms.

Different fandoms are associated with different fans, but McFly and Busted have experienced the generations of screaming and crying young – usually – girls obsessing about them. But just like people grow up, fans grow up.

And although the transition from childhood into adulthood is dramatic and we often stop listening to music, which once described our teenage years, it frequently brings out the best times of our lives. This would explain the successfulness of the McBusted Tour.

McBusted – described as the new supergroup – where McFly and Busted have merged together to bring new experiences to their fans and audiences. But how do old fans feel about the new musical group and how has their perspective changed since experiencing both bands for their first time?

Although pop fandom has been actively present in the music industry, going back to Beatlemania, young fans – perhaps – remain the same, but everything around them changes. The society goes through its own revolution. Technology. Mentality. Everything affects the way young people respond to music. But what do adults, who once were teenage fans themselves, think about the current generations of young fans?

This shows the power of fans. Fans change, comparing the Beatles’ fans to Directioners or McBusted fans, different groups of fans would show many transformations, but all fans manage to find a universal language through music to admire the artists and bands they admire.

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